The Littlest BULL
is an authentic ballad in the tradition
of the Old West.  It tells the story of a young cowgirl named Tibbs and her struggle
to raise a motherless calf.
From ranch life to rodeo arena,
Tibbs proves that determination
and grit make the champion.

For Middle Grade Readers
through Adult

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is such a happy book - very popular with
preschool and beginning readers.
I've had letters from parents telling me
that their little ones want to hear the poems
every night!

As you can see from the
cover, the illustrations
are delightful!

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CHEROOT's beautiful artwork, exciting
adventure story plus an appendix and glossary
make this a special book for early readers.

CHEROOT is a little chipmunk who lives in the beautiful forest.  For such a tiny creature things can be very dangerous!  Read how CHEROOT confronts the cougar, Quechua, with the help of his forest friends, Ouzel and Lug.

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For Pre-School Boys and.....
their Grandmas!

Everyday a little boy looks
to see what treasures are hiding
inside his Grandma's pocket.
This is a delightful
Read-to-Me/Early Reader
book for little boys.

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Step into the enchanted village of
Ina Claire for a wonderful adventure
with Edie and Emma who are
On a Journey to Mirth!

This is a best friend chapter book
for young girls between the
ages of 7 and 10.
Lovely illustrations by Kim Sponaugle
compliment each chapter.

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A Chapter Book for boys and girls

There's a BIG THING that's come to the pond and a little frog who is not happy about it!  Unexpected adventure awaits young readers in this gentle, flowing story with unforgettable watercolor images.

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Little boys need lots of help
in learning about good behavior.
BE GOOD BOYS combines
fun poetry and delightful
illustrations to help little guys
in their struggle to do what is right.

Read-to-Me/Intermediate Reader

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of the happy illustrations.

This book of poetry is as fun as can be!
PLUS there are fabulous illustrations from
Sardinia   The Philippines
Russia   China   India
and USA!

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Alliteration is the key to teaching the sounds the letters make.  In ABC POETRY each letter
of the alphabet tells a delightful story
in rhyme and repeats its very special sound
over and over to capture the child's listening ear. 
Unusual words and phrases are introduced,
making this a wonderful read-to-me ABC book
meant to be enjoyed by children
and the adult reading to them!

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A Chapter Book
for Intermediate Readers
Pons and the Miracle of Réunion Island is a vivid and exciting adventure story for boys and girls.

Beautiful color illustrations
by Barbara Dessí
compliment each chapter.

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